Invited Speakers

Mining social networks to learn about rumors, hate speech, bias and polarization

Dr. Barbara Poblete is an Associate Professor at the Computer Science (CS) Dept. of the University of Chile. She is also a Researcher at the Millennium Institute for Foundational Research on Data, where she co-leads the "Fake News and Misinformation" multidisciplinary research group. Formerly, she was a Researcher at Yahoo! Labs. Her current research areas include Applied Machine Learning, Data Mining, Experimental Reproducibility, Online Social Networks Analysis, Hate Speech Detection, Crisis Informatics and Information Retrieval. Her series of work on "information credibility in social media" (starting in 2010) have been widely cited and were the first scientific studies addressing online misinformation in social networks. Her research on this and other topics has appeared in Scientific American Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Slate Magazine, The Huffington Post, BBC News and NPR, among others.

Moderation Meets Recommendation: Perspectives on the Role of Policies in Harm-Aware Recommender Ecosystems

Dr. Martha Larson works in the area of multimedia retrieval and recommendation with a focus on speech, language and meaning. She is an expert in multimedia analysis techniques that make use of automatic speech recognition and audio analysis. Her more recent work involves multimedia in social networks and human computation, including crowdsourcing. She is co-founder of the MediaEval international multimedia benchmarking initiative. In 2012 and 2013, she served as Area Chair in Crowdsourcing for Multimedia at ACM Multimedia. She has been involved in the organization of multiple workshops including: Crowdsourcing for Multimedia (ACM Multimedia 2012 and 2013) and Searching Spontaneous Conversational Speech (SIGIR 2008, ACM Multimedia 2009-2010).